Panchakarma is the refinement therapy used in Ayurvedic treatment. Panchakarma refers to five procedures anticipated to intensively cleanse and restore balance to the body, emotions, and mind. In simple words, it helps to undo the movement of Ama and brings it back to the digestive tract

Since people tend to eat junk food and leading an unhealthy lifestyle these days, obesity has emerged as one of the main problem people are facing today. Due to obesity, the human body has become prone to many diseases. People are majorly suffering from heart diseases and gastric problems leading adverse effect on their health.

Aprasu Ayurveda is helping people in getting rid of their weight issues with many ayurvedic techniques, primarily Panchkarma. Under the supervision of Dr. Sameer Arora and Dr. Reema Arora, the centre has cured many patients regarding their problems and are leading a healthy life. Aprasu Ayurveda enjoys an impeccable track-record and the customers have given positive reviews about its' services. All the medical practices are being done at an affordable price, which is one of the prime reasons for its' popularity.