How to Cure Cancer by Panchkarma?

Cancer is considered a fatal disease and the number of patients suffering from cancer is increasing day by day. It is a disease that is acknowledged to rise out of control and affect the adjacent tissues and the organs.

Cancer treatment in Ayurveda works on bettering the quality of life of the patient through rejuvenation and humanizing the immunity. Panchkarma is becoming popular for the treatment of various diseases such as weight issue, gastro problems, cancer and much more.

Panchkarma is a mix-up of five ayurvedic sciences which cleanses out all the toxins and impurities of the body and helps in boosting immunity for a healthy life.

Since cancer is a chronic disease and spread from one cell to another rapidly, Panchkarma combines therapies which help in getting relief of this problem. For example- Sneha Vasti, which is used to extract the Vata Dosha; and flushes out toxins from the body with herbal oils or ghritams.

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